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Two guys are lost in the desert. With the blazing sun frying what sanity they have left. The two men trek over the dunes.

Thus beginning The Epic Chronicles of Phil and Carl...and the Talking Twig.

Phil: (exhausted) Carl!
Carl: (exhausted) Yes, Phil?
Phil: We have been lost in the desert for a week now.
Carl: Yeah, so?
Phil: (angry) It's All your fault!
Carl: (disgusted) Oh, really! I suppose you losing the map is my fault!
Phil: I think the sun has fried the last of your braincells! You lost the map!
Carl: Have you gone nuts! You had the map! You also had the water!
Phil: Oh! I apologized for that, i was thirsty!
Carl: And the food!
Phil: I told you, a bear stole the food!
Carl: Yeah! A bear stole our food, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT!
Phil: NO! We were in a forest!
Carl: We were never in a forest!
Phil: Yes, we were!
Carl: When in the last week, no EVER, has there been a forest in the desert?
Phil: You calling me a liar!?
Carl: Yes! I am calling you a liar!
Twig: Guys! Guys! Chill!
Phil: What the...?
Carl: You heard it too?
Phil: Yes, this time i did. Look there is a twig.
Carl: In the middle of the desert?...Lets break it!(Grabs the twig)
Twig: Oh! Hell no! There will be no breaking of the twig!
Carl: What the shit! It talks!?
Twig: Yeah! Now will you get your nasty hands off me!

The Chronicles thus far
The Epic Chronicles of
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thats fucked up...
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